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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

52 Weeks of Fitness: Week 22 Recap

For the year of 2012, I have made a yearlong commitment to better fitness and health that will change my life forever. The way I see it, I've been "talking the talk" for way too long - it's about time I start walking. The plan is to use workouts from The New Rules of Lifting, gradually start eating better, and try out plenty of fun healthy activities along the way. Here's how I fared this week:


This was Week One of Four in the New Rules' "Strength I" Phase. The Strength point is where the focus shifts to the improving the weights instead of what you see in the mirror. 

Monday was a lower-body day. Squats are prescribed, but I opted for the leg press instead because I suck at squats, and therefore dislike them. One of the lessons I've learned so far from trying to go to the gym more often is that I'm far more likely to skip workouts I dislike - e.g., squat-based workouts.

I had to skip the B and C workouts of this week.

Friday was a lower-body day. Chip ups and Barbell Shoulder Press with Dumbbell Bench Press and Wide-Grip Seated Row.


Only one small binge of calories this week. I'm starting to get my eating back under control.

That's all for Week 22, only 30 more to go!

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