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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Updates to the 52 Weeks of Fitness

As you may have noticed, I've generally been running 1-2 weeks behind on my check-ins for 52 Weeks of Fitness here at the blog. This doesn't mean that I'm not trying to get fit, however my focus has changed slightly.

At the outset, I tried to create health change in my life through four basic domains: lifting, nutrition, HIIT/Sprinting/Running, and the MWOD. While I still think these are important and would all yield great results, it's kind of a joke to go on acting as if I'm making an equal effort in all four domains.

So from this point forward (until the next change?), I'll only really be reporting what goes on in the two domains I've actually kept up with: lifting and nutrition. Anything else will be treated as a bonus, and reported as so.

My hope is that this will cut down on the psychological barrier to posting more often, by removing the "shame" of not doing 1/2 of my planned changes. Tomorrow will mark my being 3 weeks (!) behind on the check-ins, so I'll try to get those in in the VERY near future.

Until then, know that I have been working at the workouts in Hypertrophy II, and maintaining a decent (but not great) diet.

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