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Sunday, February 5, 2012

52 Weeks of Fitness: Week 5 Recap

For the year of 2012, I have made a yearlong commitment to better fitness and health that will change my life forever. The way I see it, I've been "talking the talk" for way too long - it's about time I start walking. The plan is to use workouts from The New Rules of Lifting, gradually start eating better, run (either HIIT or for distance) on off-days, and do Kelly Starrett's Mobility WOD Project  Workouts. Here's how I fared this week:


This was Week One of Six in the New Rules' "Hypertrophy I" Phase. The Hypertrophy point is where muscle-building takes center stage, so it's time to GET SWOLE. 

I didn't start off too hard. Due to excessive life busyness, I had to skip Monday's workout. Not. Cool.

Wednesday I jumped in with both feet. Fun workout with plenty of lower-body torture.

Friday I had a decent workout as well, but poor choices in weight selection meant that my form and reps suffered. I've learned from this, and I'll do better next time.

Saturday (Year, this is a four-day per week workout) I had to skip as well due to a fluke drumline gig. Oh well, I had a good time seeing the drumline bros again, so it wasn't too big a burden.


I recovered my nutrition this week, and only binged twice (though I did flirt with the line numerous times)


I FINALLY got in a bit of jogging in my Vibrams. Doing it as an easy pace at the end of my warmups, so there's no mileage worth recording.

Mobility WOD:

Still not keeping up with these... I have had a bunch of random expenses crop up, and I need to purchase some basic equipment to continue through the MWOD workouts. So I'll have to jump back on after I weather this storm.

That's all for Week 5, just 47 more to go!

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