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Sunday, January 29, 2012

52 Weeks of Fitness: Week 4 Recap

For the year of 2012, I have made a yearlong commitment to better fitness and health that will change my life forever. The way I see it, I've been "talking the talk" for way too long - it's about time I start walking. The plan is to use workouts from The New Rules of Lifting, gradually start eating better, run (either HIIT or for distance) on off-days, and do Kelly Starrett's Mobility WOD Project  Workouts. Here's how I fared this week:


This was Week Four of Four in the New Rules' "Break-In" Phase. The Break-In point is where baseline strength standards will supposedly be established. Since this is one of the lighter parts of the year, I added in Doberman Dan's 31 Days to Bigger Arms arm workouts.

Monday went well! I finally got up to 1 "plate" per side on the deadlift (135lbs) for 15 reps. I bumped up weights pretty much everywhere else as well, so I had a good day.

Wednesday marked my last "A" workout for this phase. I maintained weight on the squat, but I'm not too sad about it since I maintained a new weight from the last workout (a weight that took a LONG time to get to). I maintained pretty much everything else as well, but had a solid workout.

Friday was the last workout for this phase! 10 more lbs on the deadlift, and progress everywhere! Great way to finish out the Break-In phase.


Not my best week for nutrition - I binged almost every single night this week. Although my calorie counts were above the line, I ate mostly healthy until I hit this weekend and pigged out on junk food. I'm not proud of the pigging, but I did keep everything in check more than I normally would.


I did a bit of running in the Vibrams this week to see how they felt. No milage whatsoever, but I did get a feel for running in them - a little rougher than running in regular shoes, but I felt good in them! 

Mobility WOD:

Still not keeping up with these... I have had a bunch of random expenses crop up, and I need to purchase some basic equipment to continue through the MWOD workouts. So I'll have to jump back on after I weather this storm.

That's all for Week 4, just 48 more to go!

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