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Saturday, January 7, 2012

52 Weeks of Fitness: Week 1 Recap

For the year of 2012, I have made a yearlong commitment to better fitness and health that will change my life forever. The way I see it, I've been "talking the talk" for way too long - it's about time I start walking. The plan is to use workouts from The New Rules of Lifting, gradually start eating better, run (either HIIT or for distance) on off-days, and do Kelly Starrett's Mobility WOD Project  Workouts. Here's how I fared this week:


This Week One of Four in the New Rules' "Break-In" Phase. This is the point where baseline strength standards will supposedly be established. Since this is one of the lighter parts of the year, I'm adding in Doberman Dan's 31 Days to Bigger Arms arm workouts.

Monday was a great workout: Squat 2 x 15 @ 95 lbs, then Static Lunge sets alternated with one-arm DB rows, then pushups alternated with swiss ball crunches. Arms workout: Standing alternating DB curl, 3 x 12 @ 15 lbs, then supersetted with Seated overhead DB Tricep Ext 3 x 12 @ 25 lbs.

Wednesday was also fun: Deadlift 2 x 15 @ 95 lbs, then step-ups alternated with DB one-arm shoulder presses, then close-grip lat pulldowns alternated with reverse crunches. Arms workout: Standing EZ Bar Curl 3 x 6 @ 50 lbs, then Lying EZ Bar Skullcrusher 3 x 6 @ 50 lbs.

Friday, however, was a bummer: Repeat of Monday's workout, but I had to work squats at the end due to an occupied squat rack. I'm convinced that this compromised my strength and energy - attempted but only got 4-5 reps at 105 lbs, then couldn't get a full set at 95 lbs either. I finished out with a set at 70 lbs and moved on to my arms stuff. Arms workout: EZ Bar Preacher Curl 3 x 8 @ 40 lbs, then Cable Tricep Ext 3 x 8 @ 42.5 lbs. I'm stoked to see what Monday brings in the weight room.


According to the "Lose It!" app for iPhone, my daily calorie budget is 2,321 calories. I was solidly under this number all week except for Thursday. However, the nutrition number I've been really working on all week is the amount of protein I'm taking in. The protein-intake guidelines vary by who you ask, but for gaining muscle the basic idea is to take in 1 to 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight (FYI, I'm currently sitting at around 138 lbs). According to "Lose It!" I have improved that number this week, with my lowest number being 82.3 g and my highest number being 157 g.


I didn't do a single second of it this week. Not disappointing, probably a good sign actually. Why? Because the whole idea here is to create changes in my lifestyle that will stick. Going 0-60 in all areas of health will only ensure failure, and I am not here to fail.

Mobility WOD:

I did one WOD on Sunday, none on Monday, two on Tuesday, none on Wednesday, two Thursday, and none yesterday. These workouts are all 10 minutes or less in length so they're easy to work in anywhere in my day. I'll do Friday's and Today's either later today or do 3 tomorrow. Seeing some decent progress in psoas mobility so far, but I'm really excited to see progress elsewhere in my body - especially in my terrible shoulders.

That's all for Week 1, just 51 more to go!

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