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Thursday, October 27, 2011

What are my priorities?

I've been a regular blog reader for far longer than I've been a blogger myself. One of the blogs that I've enjoyed reading since its inception is Advanced Riskology. It's run by Tyler Tervooren, and promotes "better living through uncertainty." As a part of sharing a more adventurous lifestyle, Tyler is on his own quest for 1% - experiencing or accomplishing things that less than 1% of the world's population will ever get to do. Tyler updates his Quest for 1% on a monthly basis, and typically asks a reflection question to his AR community at the end. This month's prompt is as follows:

This month was all about recognizing and re-organizing priorities for me, and now I want to hear about your priorities.
What are the top three priorities in your life, and why? Why are they important to you, and how do you make sure you give them the attention they deserve? What do you do if you notice you’ve been neglecting one?

I think priorities generally shift over time. Anyone who knows me personally or has been reading here for any amount of time knows that I'm currently in my sophomore year of college, which has huge influence on my priorities. So for now, my top three are: getting good grades in school, staying involved with people and projects that I care about, and staying in good health.

  • Grades are important because they define a lot of college for me. If I don't maintain a good Grade Point Average, I'll lose the scholarship that brought me here - and then I'll really be scrambling for what to do.

  • Being involved with great people and projects has great benefits: having a full AND fulfilling social life while also doing things to help me grow. 

  • Good health is important because I think everything links back to it - no matter your goals in life, you can reach them better when you are in good health.

I can't quite seem to grasp how to give them all just the right amount of attention. I seem to have to "binge" on each every now and then and neglect the others, which keeps me locked in a difficult cycle. I NEED those grades - but I also need to maintain relationships, activity and health. But as I struggle through trying to figure these things out, I also wonder: what comes next? What happens when the need for grades, arguably the most critical of my priorities, goes away after graduation? Will I consciously pick the new priority, or will it be handed to me?


  1. These goals seem really vague, which could also be why you're having a hard time grasping how to give them all the right amount of attention.

    What are you going to do day to day to ensure you get good grades AND learn important concepts?

    What are you going to do day to day to develop your interpersonal skills and have a fulfilling social life?

    What are you going to do day to day to reach and maintain your fitness/health goals.?

    i have some good content on one of my blog's as it is about fitness. Check it out, maybe you'll get some inspiration for targeting your health goals.


  2. Good thought on trying to clarify things - that will definitely help! And I gave your blog a quick skim - S2B, like the book?

  3. Glad it helped. That blog shares principles I've found that have beefed up me and my friends. I hope you'll explore more of the content there, especially if you're planning on hitting the gym.