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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Now Playing #5: Halloween Movies Edition

For about 2 weeks, my roommates and I hosted daily movie nights - mostly horror/thriller movies. Here they are, in no exact order!

- The Others

I had seen it before, but I still got goosebumps from this one. Not gory or super scary, but uniquely spooky in a way that gets under your skin. A generally good movie.

- Cry_Wolf

As a fan of the Scream series, I really hoped this would live up to the teen thriller genre. It didn't disappoint. Very nice twist at the end!

- Scream

You've got to love a movie this self-aware. Endless props to Wes Craven

- Cabin Fever

Given the amount of hype I've heard about this film, I expected a LOT more from it. It was a beating to get through. The only relevant scenes are the Shaving scene and the Pancakes scene - anyone who's seen it knows which ones I'm referring to.

- The Thing

The Thing is a good movie. It's not often you see horror in the snow, and less often that you find a movie that keeps you guessing and speculating all the way throughout.

- The Descent

Jumpy, but not scary. It shouldn't be billed so much as a horror film, I think. I'm not sure how best to genre-lize it, but it feels more like an action film at points. A cathartic journey for a scarred protagonist.

- 28 Weeks Later

I really like the two "28" movies, but this is the lesser of the two in my opinion.

- Quarantine

A good entry in the new POV-style horror genre (like Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch). Frustrating storyline at points, but the final scene is undeniably creepy.

- Planet Terror

Not too scary, just a fun Rodriguez/Tarantino-style ride.

- High Tesion

This foreign (French, I believe?) thriller was much better than expected. Very intelligently directed, and the twist will have you talking after the credits roll.

- Drag Me To Hell

Newer Sam Raimi - very campy for sure. It'll have you wincing out of hygiene concerns more than anything.

- Cloverfield

One of my favorite films from the past few years - features real characters and powerful imagery. Stop whining about motion sickness!

- Let Me In

Not scary at all. Let Me In is a remake of a (reportedly better) Swedish film. It's a romantic horror film. Confused? Watch the movie and you'll get it better.

- Night of the Living Dead

THE classic zombie film. Romero pioneered an entire genre of films with this one, and it deserves the respect it gets. Be patient with poor Barbara, she's very stressed.

- Young Frankenstein

Timeless comedy. I love you, Mel Brooks.

- Saw

One of my favorite series. I just wish the acting was slightly better in this movie, but oh well. While it may have pioneered the infamous "torture porn" genre, the Saw movies have plot twists and morality questions that will throw you for serious loops.

- The Fly

This movie is a horror film unlike any other I've seen. Not particularly jumpy, but it makes you think about things - and the thinking is what creeps you out. What does it mean to be human? As a side note, this film has great makeup and general effects.

And that's all, folks! I wish we could have had a list filled with more classics, but we had to work with movies that we all actually owned. All in all, it was a good time!

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