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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Now Playing #3: Self-Studies Edition

Not much has changed since my last Now Playing post, but I have been checking out some online material in terms of self-study. Leaving some neat links here for others to check out, and for me to find this stuff again later.


This  is a really cool article on the psychology of eating. A lot of really useful material there.

Fitness (Paleo)

"Organic fitness: How to train like a hunter-gatherer" by James O'Keefe, MD from Ancestry on Vimeo.

"MovNat: evolutionarily natural fitness" by Erwan LeCorre from Ancestry on Vimeo.

"The Lost Art of Play" by Mark Sisson from Ancestry on Vimeo.

(^ Can't necessarily vouch for those, haven't watched them yet. However, a lot of great ideas were shared at the Ancestral Health Symposium - I can see the potential for the Paleo lifestyle).

 Time Management

You're probably already familiar with his Last Lecture. This one comes in a close second.

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