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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to Fight Life's Problems As They Arise

I've been evaluating Where I'm At vs. Where I Want to Be a lot recently. This is due to a few things - romantic frustration, a quickly approaching fall semester, and a curiosity of where life will take me. One thing I've struggled with is grabbing life by the horns while still letting go of things sometimes. So, without further ado, here is my basic process for tackling problems in life while maintaining sanity.

1. Strength

As if you were filling out a Pros/Cons chart, look for one "Pro" (strength) of your current situation. Commons Strengths include: a lesson you've learned, an unexpected blessing, or something that's always been in your favor. Then amplify it. Write down that lesson and explore what it means. Express gratitude for the blessing and use it to your full advantage. Get over yourself and recognize your advantage, it's time to capitalize on it.

2. Weakness

The easiest step for most. Find ONE "Con" (Weakness) of your current predicament, and find a way to reduce or eliminate it. If it's something out of your control, recognize that fact and move on. You'll be better off accepting external influences for what they are than you will be trying to influence them.

3. Talk It Out

There's someone out there you can talk to about this. Find them and do so. Seeking advice is optional, but getting it off your chest is completely necessary. Depending on your problem, this could be a confession, a rant, or a bid for mentorship.

4. Get Away

Find someone else, and talk about anything under the sun - except for your problem. This may or may not be difficult depending on the issue at hand, but interacting with others will boost your mood - which will leave you in a better spot to hit your problem again AND also let you live your life without your issue's stress hanging on you so heavily.

I know this is all relative to what you're facing, but try it out. I bet you'll have an easier time resolving whatever troubles you.

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