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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Wow for a number of reasons. Wow, I haven't posted in what feels like forever. Wow, I just had an incredible freshman year at TCU. Wow, this summer promises to be awesome. And most recently; Wow, I just had a mind-blowing conversation with a personal trainer.

See, I'm interning at a gym this summer, so I did an observation on one of our Fitness Evaluations today. Afterwards, I started talking to the personal trainer who performed the evaluation. That conversation quickly turned into a 45-minute lecture on his beliefs about health and fitness. And this guy is good. Crazy good. He's pretty radical, but I like that - he might be the ticket to helping me break through some of my barriers and reach the fitness levels I currently want to attain.

Basically, I want to:
- Look good. Not my primary concern, but something that I'll admit is important.
- Feel good. Reach a level of overall fitness/athleticism where I can consistently enjoy an active lifestyle.
- Play good, or uh, well. Yeah I had to correct that - but I want to be able to have sport-specific levels of conditioning for trail running/obstacle races, sand volleyball, and playing marching cymbals.

If I can satisfy those three areas by some means, I believe I can go into next school year with a firm foundation for an enjoyable active lifestyle.

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