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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowy Day Posting

Greetings! I'm sitting at my desk on the 2nd day of closed campus due to snow and ice here at TCU.

* Update: School is officially closed for tomorrow, as well *

Whew, back from hallway celebration. Now for the real post.

Today, February 2, 2011, marks the 1 month anniversary of this humble blog. It's been fun thus far, and hopefully will be for some time to come. A few developments since that first post:
  • My second semester at TCU started. No more (official) marching band rehearsals, only 1 honors class, and a more explorative approach to class selection. I came to college chomping on the bit to progress as fast as possible, but I've since realized that I need to actually figure out my field of study before I blitz through it. So far this semester has been a lot of fun socially, but marginally less successful than the last. I have a lighter class load, but I find myself a bit lazier because of it. So let's buckle down, get a plan together, manage time better, and reread Kick Ass in College.
  • I bought Tim Ferriss's The Four Hour Body. So far, it's been immensely popular among my circle of friends (about 5 friends trying to borrow it) and has been an enjoyable read for me as well. Although currently I'm preparing for the Spartan Sprint, I plan to use the 28 days after the race to test out Tim's "From Geek to Freak" section for myself. Also, my roommate is exploring a few polyphasic sleep ideas and soon will test out some of the sleep products recommended in the 4HB.
  • I've made some progress in deciding on a major. I've really enjoyed my Public Relations class since Day 1, and I'm going to really seriously explore Strategic Communications as my major.
  • I got a Twitter! And I'm officially back in the ranks of a social media rookie. I have to get one for a PR project, but so far it hasn't been too much of a chore.
  • On that Twitter, I exposed this blog to the public for the first time in a link to my education rant. Not a huge deal, since I just got the Twitter and don't really have any presence there yet. But this did result in my first comment, from my friend across the hall at TCU. I also emailed that link to my parents, who seem to have enjoyed it - but I don't think they realize that post is just one of many on this blog. Oh well!

An uneventful semester thus far, but I plan to pack many experiences in before this sucker is through. If you're looking for cool further reading, check out The Christian Science Monitor's coverage of People Making a Difference. Lots of cool stories showcasing - you guessed it - people making a difference. It may sound a bit hokey, but I find it a cool and positive news angle to keep you aware of the world's events. Until next time, live the dream!

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